Friday, August 7, 2009

On the Budget Beauty Haul.. ^^

So, I've done some beauty shopping this week, I usually do this in Guardian store or at department store beauty counter.. (it's on the budget! ^^)

The items: (Left-Right)

1. Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation ( I will review this because Mapple from the ask me to review it is, girl! ^^ )

2. Shinzui 2in1 Cleansing Milk (a must have.. the formula suits my skin.. it doesn't irritate my skin..)

3. Shinzui Sakura Whitening Body Scrub (I'm running out of body scrub, so I want to try this..)

4. L'Oreal Excellence Hair Color in Red (I'm turning myself into a red hair, yay! ^^)

5. Mustika Ratu Hand & Foot Spray (Love this! If my feet is tired when I caught up in a traffic jam, this is my feet's saviour.. really! Its cooling effect works wonder.. Very relieving..)
It's Indonesia's product, it contains lemon oil, lemongrass oil, basil oil, ginger oil, and vitamin A, E,F, H.. What a great product!! ^^

6. Garnier Masks, one is the Cucumber (Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask) for oily skin, and the other one is the Lemon (Garnier Light Whitening Tissue Mask) for whitening..

7. Biore Pore Pack in Sakura and Green Tea edition.. Who doesn't know this?? Really really important.. ^^

8. Mentholatum USA Acnes Medicated Powder Lotion.. I use this as mattifier.. it controls the oil in my skin.. ^^

9. Mentholatum USA Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask.. It works great, I've used it before, and my skin feels softer..

10. Biore Shower Cream Sakura Sensation.. I love anything with sakura scent! ^^

After I got this Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask, I can't wait to use it. I haven't been using this for a while, but now I'm back! ^^
Review: it has a texture like a mud pack, actually.. but it's kinda light green-greyish in color. When you apply it to your face, it feels warm. And the more you rub it, it's getting warmer. Like it's being steamed.. It's like in spa or sauna, true.. Anyway, the result after I'm using this, my skin felt soft and supple, and the oil (I feel it) is controlled. Likey! ^^

But, after that, you must realize, oh-so-oily-skin-beholder out there, when you do this, you technically wipe out the oil, dirt, and sebum out of your face, and after that, you need to put some moisture in there, to make sure it's not lack of good essence. Otherwise, you will feel like your skin is all dried up, so not good.

So, I want to share my beauty tips that I personally use, in here.. ^^

*Use face vitamin to fill your skin with all of the good essence*
You can find any of those in any brand out there.
Me, I'm using these:
Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation
the bottle.. it has 30 capsules in it..
It has the shape like an apple, right?? And it's red.. Tiny-tiny apple..hehe.. ^^

The inside is like a transparent gel/lotion, that is so smooth, just like a face primer.. When I smell it, I think it has a lemon scent, or maybe it's apple?? Anyone know? ^^ The ingredient is apple oil, though.. But I really think I smell lemon-citrus scent.. Oh well..
Anyway, it will glide on your skin and make it so soft.. But for you who has oily skin, do this at night only.. Because it does contain oil in it (apple oil).. But if you use this at night, you'll be fine.. When I woke up in the following morning, I felt my skin is so fresh and all boostened up.. =)

So, that's it for my post today.. Sorry for the lack of update, been really busy.. >_<
But because it's Saturday tomorrow (Yay!), I will be posting again, maybe something different,hehe..
Love you all!


  1. Aw, super cute items! You should do a review on the Whitening Body Scrub! I want to hear more about that! :)

  2. They are cute, aren't they? ^^
    The scrub is on the way for reviewing, hehe..

  3. Great haul! The little capsule is so cute. Haha.

  4. it's like a shape of an apple, right?? ^^
    super cute.. thanks for the lovely comment.. =)

  5. Great haul Ceecile! I really want to try the Ances line for some reason lol, the cleansing milk souns great!

  6. @ K.C.: please do try, and don't forget to review it so we can know all about it.. ^^
    I found that the cleansing milk really suits my skin, and it also has whitening effects (from Herba Matsu Oil) and it's convenient because it's a 2in1.. ^^

  7. I'm really tempted to try^^ but, just wondering whether it will trigger pimple or not ..

  8. iv been looking for a new hair dye, iv been using the Loreal excell 10, and i find it fades quite quick, so let us kno how this one turns out!
    iv tagged you for the photo tag :)

  9. @mapple : it's different on everyone's skin..but for me, if you want to know if it's working or not, buy the smallest size first or look to other's review.. But if you doubt it, don't buy it just yet, better be safe than sorry, right?? ^^

  10. @ hachii: for hair dye, I have used Wella, Garnier, and L'oreal, but my fave is always L'oreal.. it stays on and have a great long last effect.. but if you don't do the hair treatment regularly, it can dried up your hair.. >_<
    So I'm always ready with my Dove conditioner stock in my bathroom.. ^^
    The photo tag's post is on the way! Thanks for tag.. ^^