Friday, August 21, 2009

Not 1 but 2! Beauty DIY Facial Masks

For the post today, I'm gonna write not 1 (one) but 2 (two!) beauty DIY Facial Masks.. One is the green tea DIY facial scrub/mask that I got from buzzbeauty's youtube video and the other one which is so special coz it's the traditional "bengkoang" facial mask of my home country, Indonesia.. ^^ It's like the sacred women's tradition of my country.. A beautiful heritage that I want to share with all of you.. ^^

First is the green tea beauty DIY mask/scrub:
(I've been meaning to write this post since last week, actually..hehe.. But I want to test how it feels on my skin after a while.. And I gotta tell you, it really works!)
I got the idea of doing this facial mask from Bubzbeauty's youtube video..

The video URL is
There are many other videos, too.. Really inspiring.. ^^

I was hesitate at first..hehe..I mean, I never do things like this, is it okay to apply green tea to your face? But after I tried this out, wow.. the result surprised me! ^^
By the time I wrote this, I've been doing this green tea mask for 3 times and it makes my face so soft and less acne..really less acne.. ^^
Usually I have several acnes popping out of nowhere every week, but now.. it's down to one zit for almost 2 weeks! Last week I got one severe acne because of too many outdoor activities.. but after I did this mask, the day after that, the acne is all reduced, the second day, it's gone.. WOW!

So, here it goes!


1. Boil water and make your green tea. (I make a full cup, coz I also want to drink it, not just for making facial mask, hehe.. it's multifunctional, right?) I use the Chinese green tea in tea bags, you can make it from any green tea you have, whether it's in green tea leaves or bag, choose whatever you like.. ^^ Leave it a while until it's lukewarm..

2. Next, I put some of my green tea in a bowl, I put 3 spoonful of green tea (maybe it's too much, hehe..because I want to feel the benefit of green tea), my skin is acne prone.. so green tea is my BFF..^^

3. Then, add the sugar. I use 4 spoonful of sugar.. You may use a fewer amount of sugar if you want to skip the scrubbing (the sugar is the scrub).

4. Add the additional ingredients. I use honey, because honey has great healing effect for blemish skin..It can moisturize your skin, heal your blemish, and many other benefits. You can use other ingredient if you want, like baby oil, lemon, etc. Stir well.

5. Apply it to your skin. I use the cotton pad, it's easier. Scrub it gently, and after that leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse off and feel the difference.. ^^
6. Use the green tea leftover in your cup to be the toner. It's quick to dry and it's refreshing! ^^
Note: If you noticed, my step 2 and 3 is kinda backward from the Bubzbeauty's video, but I think it's ok, hehe.. Coz the result is the same.. ^^

OK, now to the second facial mask.. A very special one, coz it's Indonesian traditional mask from Bengkoang by Mustika Ratu (a very popular brand in my country..) made from natural ingredients.. go to for more info.. ^^


Here is the mask.. It's powder, so it has to be mixed with White Rose Water. The white rose water is also from Mustika Ratu.. Really soothing and refreshing.. it's like cool water for your skin..

The steps:

1. put the bengkoang powder to the bowl.

2. put some white rose water in it, you can choose whether you want it thick or not, but for me, I don't want it to be thick. So, more rose water to me.. ^^ (but first, let's say hello to mr. teddy bear right there.. hehe..^^)

3. Stir well.. Until it looks like this.. You can use cotton pad to apply it.. Scrub your face gently..wait 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.. (Mr. teddy bear is cute, isn't it?? ^^)

4. use the white rose water as the toner.. Really refreshing! ^^

You know, after I use this bengkoang mask, the result was amazing! My skin is visibly one (or maybe two) tone lighter! It's whiter than ever! I can't even believe my eyes.. Is this my skin? Wow..

You see, these days especially in Indonesia, it's getting hotter everyday.. (must be because of the global warming..) Really.. And because of my many outdoor face tone has become uneven and rather dull.. >_<
But now, I've found the solution! ^^
Well, that's it for now...
Happy weekend!


  1. oooo, I'm going to try that first one, thanks!

  2. w0w...definitely must try this @ home...^^
    thx so much, sis...

  3. We're going to try Bubz strawberry yoghurt mask today! These home made masks are really fun to make too bad most of the ingredients would be a bit difficult for me to find here but it sounds really nice. ^^

    ♥ Milk

  4. @ becks: you're welcome, becks.. ^^
    let me know if you've tried that one out! =)

  5. @ evelynn_lina: welcome.. ^^
    glad I can help all of you to become more beautiful, hehe.. ^^

  6. @ milkncookie: hi milk! thanks for the comment, hehe.. ^^
    strawberry mask?? sounds yummy.. ^^

    well, for the homemade masks, you can try it with different things, and with any ingredient you have there.. =) it's really fun! ^^

  7. That homemade mask looks wonderful and very easy to make. Now, I really want to try Mustika Ratu products, too.

  8. wow.. thanks for sharing this! <3
    i really love the green tea idea :)

  9. @ En: it's so easy, you can make it everyday, hehe.. I use it like 2-3 times a week (that's why green tea stocks in my house run out so fast, hahaha..) if you want to try mustika ratu product, maybe you can try ebay, hehe.. they have it there.. ^^

  10. @ kay: you're welcome.. ^^ glad I can share this with all of you.. next time I'll try the chocolate mask and strawberry mask DIY.. yummy.. ^^

  11. wow.. nice tutorial.. maybe i will try it someday! thanks for following hun~

    btw, I followed you back ^_^

  12. @ gracie: you're welcome.. ^^
    thanks for following me! ^^

  13. Hello:) Love your post here! I think Bubs is the best girl around...I like home made masks too! Thanks for this!

  14. interesting! I love to find new recipe for nourishing my skin^^ Thanks! I will try the green tea facial ( ^o^ )d

  15. Thanks for sharing this facial treatment. I rarely do facials, but this sounds quite interesting. =)

  16. @ funkiimonkee: you're welcome.. ^^
    I love to see her video, too.. hehe.. Now I prefer a more natural way to treat my skin, safer to your skin, right?? ^^

  17. @ mapple: happy trying, mapple.. ^^ tell me if you like the result, hehe.. ^^

  18. @ sassy jadore: you're welcome.. ^^ I always do my own facial at home, it's easier, hehe.. If you have all the ingredients at home, it's so worth to try, right? ^^ back to the natural way.. =)

  19. Ooooh these masks sound so good!!! You inspire me to do DIY more often.:) Great post! Thanks!:)