Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Wishlist! For Upcoming Christmas..hehe.. ^^

I've told you about my problematic skin, right? So, I looked up the net, and I've compiled this wishlist. These 2 things right here are especially for oily/acne prone skin (my skin).. I guess I'll have to wait till Christmas when I get my bonus,hehe.. ^^

Here they are:
Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream
Improve skin texture especially acne/pimple face skin, non-clogging of pores.
It provides moisture to your skin ,balancing oil and water secretion. Medium-texture to cover acne/pimple scars and minimize pore size.
People with sensitive skin can used at ease.

Woww.. What a transformation.. ^^

Zamian Magic Cacao Chocolate Mask
Imported from South Korea. Made with 100% Real Chocolate. Luxury for your skin. 150ml of Chocolate Face Mask Made w/ Real Chocolate

What it does?
This facial mask help reduce ance, pore size and redness leaving you with clear, smooth, glowing skin.

How long does it take for the product to start doing it's magic?
Nothing talks better then pictures. See for yourself! : )

Zamian Gold Cacao Pack. Wash off Chocolate mask. it is ideal for tired skin. it leaves the skin supple and velvet soft and makes the skin healthy.
I've heard so much about this mask.. but it's so pricey.. >_<


  1. The chocolate mask sounds yummy!

  2. I know.. I love chocolate so much, that's why I'm interested in this Chocolate BB Cream and Mask..
    And it's great for oily and blemishes skin,too!
    Yummy yummy.. ^^

  3. where to get it? sounds so tempted!

  4. @ mapple: you can get it in in
    I want to buy it, but it's pricey.. Patience..patience.. ^^

  5. wow.. the mask looks like chocolate :P
    i like the before and after pics.. looks quite promising ;)

  6. @ kay: it is like a chocolate paste, hehe.. I thought it was more like a chocolate jam, ^^
    I read the testimony in the seller's site, the clients are all very satisfied, and they even bought the complete set! How about that.. Great product! ^^

  7. wow. its like miracle :) hehe.. my first time here.. from Miu blog.

  8. yeah, don't you think?? I can't wait till I get my hands on these..hehe.. ^^
    Hope you visit again soon! =)

  9. plz review the CaCao Mask Pack, ceecile ^_^