Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mini Update!

Oh my.. I think I'm in some kind of horror.. >_<>_<"
In my screen, everytime I want to follow and open the google friend connect page, there's always this message.. "an error has occurred.." And what's worst?? All my reading list has gone!!! It says that I'm not following any blogs currently.. But, after that I checked on other blogs, I can see my face in their following widget box, so why is this happening?? (panicking..panicking..)

I searched on the net, and thank God that there's nothing happened, and it's just an error in the Google.. (thank You, Jesus!) Whew! My heart was just pounding like a horse.. >_<
But it's all good now.. hehe.. ^^ The Google Friend Connect is back online as I speak..
So, if there's any of you who's experiencing this problem.. no need to worry.. Just stay cool and relax.. All will be good again..

But oh yeah, just to be mindful.. backup your blog by exporting it (you can do that in the setting and there's the option in there) and one other thing.. backup your template by downloading it in the layout option.. Trust me, you'll need it..
I've had many experience loosing my beautiful and all perfectly-set template just because a wrong typing/click (long time ago..when I was a newbie to blogging..), better be safe than sorry!!

Ok, so for the next post, I will review my Shinzui Cherry Blossom Whitening Body Scrub and then I'll do a beauty DIY.. (I have a specific request from a dear friend of mine who needs help.. So, here I am..hehe.. ^^)

Happy Blogging!!


  1. hehe... can't wait for the review! :)

  2. Oh I'm glad to hear it was just an error in google and thanks so much for the helpful advice of backing up your blog, I never thought of it. You have a great layout so you would not want to lose it Can't wait for your review!

  3. Hey hun, thanks for following my blog~! <3 ^__^

  4. @ KC: glad I can inform you all.. hope it'll be helpful.. ^^ the review is on the way.. =)

  5. @ dana: you're welcome.. ^^
    keep on reading my blog.. =)