Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Gift from Lina! ^^

Wew! I can't believe I haven't been blogging for ages.. so, here's the story, I got a fever last Tuesday because I got caught in the rain and I'm still in recovery until now...>_<
I also suffer from flu and cough, and because of too many tissue-ing, my nose has become so red.. like Rudolph in Santaclaus sleigh.. >o<

But it's been 3 days since I went to the doctor, so I think I'm all better now.. And it's also because I've got a bday gift from my dear friend, Lina! ^^ I know her from Facebook, and we've been sending messages ever since, like pen pal, really.. hehe.. Sharing about beauty product and all other stuff.. ^^ And after she knows that August 15th was my bday, she decided to send me a bday package! Isn't she lovely? =) Thank you so much, Lina..^^

It's Yoko Spa Milk Salt from Thailand, and it smells like milk candy that I used to eat when I was a kid.. ^^ Love the smell.. I put it in a sealed jar, to prevent it from getting damp.. You see, when I first use it, I rub it to my arm and I think, oh well.. I don't feel anything.. I leave it for 3 minutes, and rinse it off. But after the water washed out all the salt, I touched my hand, and WOOOW.. my skin feel super smooth.. it's like wearing a body lotion on your skin..and it's long lasting.. I love it! I've heard so much about this milk salt online, and I'm so happy I can finally test it, hehe.. ^^ This product is so often paired with the Bioglo Snow White Body Lotion for maximum result.. In Indonesia, the shopping online sites usually paired them up as a set. It's like this.. picture from din2902.multiply.comSo, I think I'll buy the body lotion,too.. Thank you so much for this lovely gift, Lina! hehe..^^

Oh ya, yesterday I saw the ads in XingKong Channel, about a whitening bodylotion, not the Bioglo, I think it's from China.. but I forgot to write its name.. >_< (because I only saw the ads for a few seconds..) The bottle is kinda like the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, the shape is the same.. The color of the bottle is light/sky blue..the English description is Silk Protein Snow White Body Lotion, and between the description there is a snowflake image in it.. The reason why I'm telling you this, is because I want to know the name.. I've searched the net a dozen times.. but I can't find it.. maybe it's because I can't remember the Hanzi.. >_<
So, Please.. if there's anyone knows it..tell me.. I'm curious..
You can write it in this comment right here or just drop it my Cbox, OK??
Thank you so much! ^^
More beauty posts to come after I'm healthy again.. ^^
Happy Weekend, everyone..


  1. Aww sorry to hear that you got sick, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! Aww that spa milk salt looks really adorable and it sounds from your review. I need better access to awesome Asian products. XD

  2. hehehe...i'm so glad that u love it ^_^
    hope u get well soon, sis...

  3. the milk must be whitening too. Looks nice ^^
    and .. get well soon!

  4. @ Kalmo: yes to speedy recovery, hehe...^^
    I feel better now, thank God..
    I think Asian products are very popular these days, and this spa milk salt is a must-have in my bathroom, hehe..

  5. @ Lina: hey Lina.. ^^ thanks for the lovely gift, hehe.. I'm better already.. ^^

  6. @ Mapple: yes, it's a great whitening product, and it smells yummy, hehe..
    thank you mapple.. ^^

  7. OMG!!! When I saw the spa milk salt I thought it was real milk and I thought 'yummy where can I get this' but then I read it properly and it's actually a body scrub LOOOOOOOOOOOL xD Love this post though =) x