Friday, August 14, 2009

(Almost) Happy Birthday for me.. ^^

Well, it's 14th of August (in our time in Indonesia), almost my birthday.. Tomorrow I'll be posting about my birthday.. =)
Can't wait to write it..hehe..

But now, I have something to share with all of you..
You know, I have learned an important lesson for the past 2 days, and I believe it's important for all of you, too..
For all of you, especially beauty bloggers out there, you must have anti malware protection in your computer.. Find it and install it in your PC/Laptop.. Trust me, you're gonna need it. I almost lost this blog because I don't even know what malware is. > _< (Although I have the back-up my blog and its template, but still.. ) I felt so sad when I thought that I have to delete this blog.. T_T..

But now, it's all fix and done.. ^^ Thank You, Jesus!
I'm so happy!! Yay! ^_^
This is the best birthday present of all, hehe..
You see, I'm not asking for diamond or a fancy car for my birthday present, I just want my blog to be up and running, as usual.. (I think in this moment, you finally realized what you really need, and not what you want.) It's a powerful lesson, I have to tell you.

Can't wait till tomorrow to come!! ^^

PS: I have placed a new song in my playlist (it's in the bottom of this page, just scroll down..)
It's Jordin Sparks' song titled "Faith", I believe it has a big meaning for me.. I just love the song! ^^


  1. hi ceecile, i am blogger too.. visit back my blog,

  2. happy (almost!) birthday!! i never realized there were so many leos on blogger :D

  3. Thank goodness you recovered your blog and it's all OK! Happy almost Birthday!! :D

  4. P.S.
    I love the quote on top of your blog, it's so true. :)

  5. Happy Birthday girl! Glad your blog is up and running :) I recently had a virus encounter too :(

  6. @ askep: hi askep.. I've visited your blog, and made a comment in your shoutbox.. ^^ what a nice blog you have!

  7. @ christine: thank you! ^^ I'm a Leo, yes.. how about you??

  8. @ K.C.: I love that quote,too.. It's very inspiring.. ^^ that's why I put that in the top! =)

  9. @ KC: I'm very glad, too.. My blog is ok again.. ^^ thank you for the (almost) happy bday.. hehehe..

  10. @ miss thank you for the happy bday.. ^^
    I know what it feels like.. I thought I'm gonna lost this blog.. >_<
    That's why now I'm all protected with anti virus and malware.. Better be safe than sorry!

  11. Happy birthday! Glad your blog is back to normal!

  12. @ fuyumini: thank you fuyumini.. ^^ I'm glad, too.. And so relieved it's all back to normal again..^^