Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I plan to buy..

So, I've known this brand for a while, and I've bought some of their product. It's The FaceShop, people! ^^
I'm so satisfied with the quality, their product really match my Asian skin, and I have oily/blemished skin, so I'm planning ahead what I'm about to buy later when I go to Bandung for holiday (and shopping), hehehe..

Quick & Clean Blamish Balm
It is a tinted-moisturizer-like balm that provides light coverage and skin-caring functions at the same time. It can replace foundation or can be worn under foundation for extra coverage.

1.It provides a light and very natural coverage with Healthy Glow.
2. Contains blemish-fighting ingredients. (Soothing + Antibacterial)
3. Oil-free type.
4. Creates veil to make skin appear smoother.
(This baby right here has received many praises from women around the world, so I think I'll give this a try, right now my skin is sooo... blemished.. T_T)
Quick & Clean Oil-Free Moisturizing Cream

Quick & Clean is the skin solution to combat excessive oil acne and minor break outs with Tea Tree which proves very effective anti-bacterial quality.

Silicone gel network forms a thin layer of silicone gel over skin to prevent moisture evaporation without disturbing skin’s ability to breath. Purslane and Grapefruit extracts normalize skin. Tea Tree Chamomile and Licorice prevent inflammation while reducing skin stress.
(I want to try this, and compare the result with the body shop tea tree oil cream I'm using now..)

Dewy Flower Clear Peel
Formulated with a blend of flavonoid-enriched 7 white flowers this basic skincare line for women increases moisture retention refines texture and protects against pollution. Flavonoid sooths strengthens cells with its strong anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant properties.

Gently exfoliates layer of dead skin cells. Promotes cellular turnover and enhances the absorption of other products. Gentle enough for even the sensitive skin.
(I've never try peeling before, so I'll have my fingers crossed in this.. ^^)

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