Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ordering.. ordering..

So, after many times browsing and researching..hehe.. I finally made up my mind.. I will order this baby right here.. ^^
Palgantong Makeup Theatrical Powder (check the website in http://eng.palgantong.com)

In 1978, LUDWIG LEICHNER of German created the professional cosmetic for the 1st time in the world. We re-established the cosmetic through re-blending a prescription for Asian skin with the inherited prescription and skill of the cosmetic (130 years’ tradition),

As introducing in Professional make-up field, such as Korean TV broadcasts, in 1989, professional make-up artists had started to use the theatrical powder, alias . This is very well known product to entertainers. Since 1999, this, the best hit product, has been selling to non-entertainers as well.

Also, it recorded 600 million selling products from 2002 to 2006 in critical Japan cosmetic market. Therefore, it was selected as <Japan’s Top Hit product> and secures the 1st selling position in Japan powder section. This is internationally approved production power, the Theatrical powder.

Slimming Effect : Make your face look slimmer with a three-dimension effect caused by the light reflection
* Long Lasting Effect : Strong to water or sweat. Do not make strain easily. Excellent long lasting functional powder
* Blooming Effect : The scattering effect of light scattering power creates bright and splendid skin.
* Super Hydrate Effect : Maintain the moisture all day long preventing moisture evaporation, Create silky skin"

I've heard about this powder a lot.. many forums are craving about it, people giving their reviews.. And it's got me so..tempted to buy it! ^^ I've made my order just moments ago (I bought it from the seller here in Jakarta, Indonesia) from "yuicru" in http://yuicru.multiply.com/ (don't forget to visit her site, OK??) ^^ so I'll get you posted again about how it goes. OK??
I can't wait to see it comin'! ^^

(for Indonesian readers, if you want to see more of this palgantong cosmetics, go to their website in innerbeautyindonesia.com for more details.. Happy Shopping!)