Sunday, July 5, 2009

More from My Country

When I was at the mall yesterday, I stumbled upon these Dewi Sri Spa products, originally from my country (Indonesia), and they use traditional formula that really works for spa and relaxation treatment. Those are actually origins from the royal treatment, so it's all very luxurious and smells wonderful (to me). Maybe if you're western and you smell these, you would say "What is this smell??" I know.. It maybe smell like a herbal drink (jamu) especially this massage oil.. Really smells like traditional potion..hehe.. But I do like it, especially the VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil), it smells like vanilla ice cream.. ^^ I tried so many Dewi Sri Spa products at that time (the SPG were so nice to me, although I just sniffed them all,hehe..), so here are they:

Body Countour Massage Oil

Massage oil to invigorates body and mind, overcome physical fatique and helps to smooth blood circulation

A mix of Rice Extract with Lemon and Patchouli Essential Oil
to keep your ideal shape. Regenerate, reducing cellulite, while shape up the body. It help to improve blood circulation, the lymphatic system and promotes skin regeneration

Javanese Rose Body Mist

From Lembang Highland to the green hills of Ambarawa until the grand slope of Bromo, Javanese roses blossom gracefully. Beauty is not only a skin deep, Javanese rose also
indulge inner beauty with subtle Oil that gives a peace of mind,
maintain healthy skin and prevent aging process
while alluring Aphrodisiac promotes sexual desire.

Mangga Body Mist

Mango/Mangga symbolized wisdom and grew taller and stronger as it aged.
Mango/Mangga possess deslicious taste, high in nutrients and flovoid which
promotes healthy skin as anti oxidants

VCO Body Scrub

Thousand of tall and lavish coconut trees stretch across the archipelago.
From ancient Indonesia, coconut symbolized as the fountain of life, enriched with natural fat acid such as acid kaprilat, acid kaprat and acid laurat which prevent free radical and natural moisturizer which promotes soft skin.

VCO Body Lotion, my fave!! ^^

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