Monday, July 6, 2009

Indonesian Makeup: PAC

As an Indonesian blogger, I can't help but think, I've posted so many foreign cosmetics and I haven't posted any of Indonesian makeup.. so I write this post today, dedicated to the fast-growing Indonesia's makeup industry. ^^

Introduction to PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) Martha Tilaar

(I think it's a very cool name, hey! If they have MAC, we have PAC here in Indonesia.. ^^)

PAC is one of the cosmetic brand from Martha Tilaar Group, the largest cosmetic company here in Indonesia, originally it was made for professional makeup artist only, because the demand is so high here. It was first launched back in 1997 (I'm still 8 year old back in 1997! And they already busy doing makeup.. ^^)

Their motto is: PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) Martha Tilaar : The Art of Make Up

"Conceiving imagination of the purifying energy with shiny colorful spirit in it.
PAC loudly gives you a bold choice of Lipstick Pencil, Color Festival Eye Shadow & Eyebrow Kit straight to the festival of excitement"

PAC has gained a very good reputation among professional makeup artist here in Indonesia, it's been used as the official makeup for many big occasion, like fashion show,festival, TV Show,theater, etc. Here are their looks, I think it's very astonishing and with development like this, I have no doubt that Indonesian Makeup will continue to expand to international market. Yeaaahh!! ^^

Very glamorous..

It's purple! My fave.. So colourful.. ^^

The model in here is Dewi Sandra, she has such a great skin, doesn't she?? ^^
The makeup here is so beautiful..

Very oriental.. She looks so fierce and glamorous.. ^^

One of the product I love from PAC is the famous lip palette, it's the best seller here, you know.. This is the Lovely Rose Lip Palette, my fave.. ^^ Lovely Rose Top- Down: VF Charming Red, VF Crimson, SF Ripe Berry, Lip Color Coral, SF Twilight)

go to for more detail.

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