Thursday, June 4, 2009

A dillema..

Well, it's true.. I'm in a dillema.. What to do, what to do??

I have a lot of dreams in my head..

First, I want to be a fashion journalist,
yet I'm also very passionate about beauty..
But I love to design and become a fashion designer.. Oh dear.. Choices-choices..
Oh, well.. Enough about me, let's continue to my next beauty product that I'm craving for the moment.. mascara.
Because of my Asian eyes, I do have a problem in how to enhancing the look of my eyes. But I learn that my eyes will look even more beautiful with a touch of mascara.

Here are my picks:

L'Oreal Shocking Volume Mascara My mom actually have this, but she never use this.. It really make my lashes look longer, but it's so heavy on my eyes.. too bad..

I'm also interested in this Maybelline mascara, Define A-Lash. People say it would be great on my Asian eyes..

But, my dream mascara would be this Dior mascara, oh dear.. what a dillema..

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