Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Is My Last Post..

FOR 2009!!! ^^

Hahaha.. I was thinking what title that suits best for this post, and I thought, there’ll be so many blogs out there having their title as “Happy New Year 2010”, so I thought, well, this “My Last Post” is not-so-ordinary, hehe.. ^^

But it’s true.. This IS My Last Post for year 2009..

And I want to say.. Thank you for you all, my dear readers, followers and blogger friends..

This year has been Amazing!

I have started this blog out of nothing in June 2009, now look how far I am now, hehe..

Things have happened.. happiness, sadness, joy, laughter, cry, so many of them!

But I’m grateful, though, all those experience have made me stronger and more mature.. I have nothing to regret..

And for the finale..

These are my FOTDs for my last post in 2009..

3 (three) of them!!




(All of them are made inside the mall’s bathroom, yes.. LOL.. ^0^)

Looking cheerful to welcome the new year!! Yay! ^^

Well then, goodbye 2009..

Welcome 2010!!!

I’m looking forward for better days ahead of us,

a BEAUTIFUL year..

and blessings from God in Heaven for everyone!!

Happy New Year to you all!!! ^^

ps: I’m sorry that I don’t have much to say for this post, but I have to rush it, I’m off to see the fireworks!! (it's the middle of the night here in Indonesia, almost 2010!!)

See you at the next post, I mean in the new year!! ^^ *mwah mwah*

Friday, December 25, 2009

Announcement! My Giveaway winners are.. ^^

Ho Ho Ho!


It’s already past 24pm in Indonesian time (GMT+7).. So it’s time to round up the giveaway details, shall we?? ^^

Let’s see..

There are 67 (sixty seven) comments here in my giveaway post..

56 (fifty six) People that joined..

And 100 (one hundred!) entries that I counted!

Phew.. That’s quite a long list! ^^

And so…

Ladies and Gentlemen..

The winner for my 100th followers giveaway is..












“Lipton Tee”

Congratz to you!!!

And next.. the moment that you all have been waiting for..

“muahahahaha…” *big echoing voice*

the prize for my special Christmas giveaway is…


xmas giveaway

a closer look…


This would be a very cute wallet for your coins..or your lipstick!

nyx lip

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Fig, the SA told me it’s their bestselling color. Gotta love this! ^^

vov nails

New year means new nails! LOL..

I also have the another one that is similar but with more glitter in it.. ^^

za sunscreen

ZA Power Block UV Sunscreen SPF40-PA+++

I bought this cause of the high SPF, hope you like it! ^^

nyx eyeshadow

NYX Eyeshadow palette

I LOVE this color.. Blue is gonna be hot for next year, I tell you that! haha.. I’m your beauty forecast girl! ^^


This is so pretty.. I love butterfly..

This is handmade in Indonesia, so that’s why it’s so special..

When you wear these earrings, remember me! lol ^^


It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Santa Claus, right?

So I bought you this! It’s so small and cute.. ^^

ho ho ho.. *bell clinging*


And for the little trinkets, I have..

~TFS mask sheets in Vita B, C, E

~TBS mask sheets Rice Bean and Aloe Vera

~ TFS samples of Quick & Clean Oil Free BB cream

~TFS sample of Green Tea Fine Foam Facial Cleanser

~ TBS samples of Aloe Soothing Day Cream


after getting yourself drooling for those prizes above,

let me announce the winner..





I’ll contact you guys right away and please please please respond soon to tell me your address, OK?


Thank you everyone for joining!

For you who haven’t won this, nah.. don’t be sad..

I’ll have another giveaway pretty soon, so keep tuning in! ^^

For the next post, I’m gonna post up some of me&family Xmas photos and my Xmas FOTD.

See you at the next post,




Sunday, December 20, 2009

How I Wash My Brush + Joshua’s Birthday Report! ^^

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to you all! I’ve been meaning to write this post like, forever, hehe.. ^^ So here it goes!

I’ve seen so many brush washing tips everywhere in the net, but I think I have to make my own version of it, so this is how I wash my brush.. ^^

wash brush

Ms. Froggy on the background, hehe.. Here you see there are the tools that I use for washing my brush. 2 bowls, with lukewarm water in it, baby milk bath (I use one from Johnson’s), and.. Dettol. Hmm? Sounds a bit odd, eh? Well, it’s my own-specially-developed way to thoroughly clean cosmetic brush, muahahahaha.. ^^

The steps:

milk bath Pour the baby milk bath to the 1st bowl, not too much.. You can measure it yourself.


Time for a bath! It took less than a minute to wash this foundation brush. Swirl here, swirl there.. ^^

Ok, if you think that it’s clean enough, than moving on to the next step..


Now..Antiseptic! Don’t use too much, a half/third of the bottle cap is enough.

The reason why I chose Dettol because I think the brush is supposed to be clean, hygienic, and free from nasty germs..

If I only wash it with the baby milk bath/shampoo, it’s not clean enough for me.

So, it’s like washing your clothes, right? Use detergent only, fine.
But it’d be better if you use the softener, hehe.. 

dettol2    OK! You can swirl it a bit, but remember to put it there for a while, for me it’s less than a minute.

If you worry about the smell, don’t worry.. Think as if it’s a treatment for your brush. I don’t mind about the smell, anyway.

I think it’s a good sign for a clean and healthy brush! ^^

OK, now that you’re almost done.

Go rinse it off with your tap/running water.

And then,


Find a clean towel, gently press the brush on it. Don’t press too hard! ^^

Just make sure it’s not damp. The drier it is, the better.

This process takes less than 5 minutes per brush, so it’s really quick and easy peasy! ^^


Here’s the thing, I usually wash my brush at night, so after all the steps above are done, I’ll just leave them lying there in my room overnight.

So the next morning when I want to use it, it’s dry already!


Wash your brush as often as you can, but for me, 2-3 times a week is OK. I do use them everyday, but since I use this method, they’re not as dirty as it’s used to be. They’re much cleaner and healthier for my face. ^^ Hope it helps you!

ps: How do you wash your brush anyway?? Do Share some of your tips here too, OK?? ^^




Oh wait, there’s a special report from Josh bday!

josh bday

YAY!!! ^^ Sixteen already?? LOL
Gosh, time does fly so fast.. ^^

(We all love blackforest cake, btw..hehe.. Yummy!)

josh mom A kiss and birthday wishes from my mom… ^^

josh eating cake

Just look at him eating that cake! Yum..

On a sidenote, he ate a 1/4 of that cake on his first round! Wuahahahaha.. ^^


Oya, Josh is a big fan for chocolate chip cookies. So we bought a jar of them. So beautifully wrapped, don’t you think so?? ^^


The cookies were so big, it’s almost the size of my palm! ^^

It’s so delicious.. =)

It’s not overbaked, so it’s not like dry cookies. We love it to the max!!!

Josh was the one supposedly to eat it first, after all, it’s his bday.. But..

mama n cookies

Mom ate it first!!! Hahahahaha..

Look at her expression.. Full of joy.. ^v^

(Of course la, who can resist the yummyness of a chocolate chip cookies, eh?? ^^)


I’ll see you at the next post! If you haven’t entered the giveaway, enter now!!

It’s almost Christmas and the giveaway’s due is approaching fast!!!

Happy Holiday to you all.. ^^

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One short post - Holiday Wishlist! ^^

Hello everyone! Actually I've prepared a longer post for this time, but alas.. my usb cable is gone missing.. T_T (again!) If you follow my Twitter, you maybe have known this.. How am I suppose to upload the photos now, eh?? >_<
So, to make it up, I'm posting this!

My holiday wishlist.. ^^

I see so many bloggers out there having wishlist posted on their blog, so I think.. Why not join the fun?? Who knows.. (God, I know You're hearing this.. hehe.. ^^ Amen!)

There are also some gadgets in there, which I'm dying to get on my hands right now.. Blackberry Gemini in black, Macbook Pro, and.. Canon Digital Ixus camera... *sigh*
And for the beauty products, I guess most of you are familiar with them! I'm so craving for Jill Stuart, especially for their Jelly Eye Color and Mix Blush Compact, they're so pretty!! ^^
Oya! That Clinique Turnaround series are good for anti dullness, so if you want a New Year with a brighter skin.. (by you, I mean me, too..) just go ahead and grab them! ^^

That beige clutch bag with a bow is an exception though.. I saw it in the Polyvore site, and I just fell in love with it.. *sighing again*


By the way, my bro, Josh is having his 16th birthday today!! Everybody say Happy Bday to Josh!! ^^ He's 16 year old now.. Getting more and more mature and.. he just asked the permission to drive his own car! Oh dear.. I guess you'll have to wait till next year, OK?? haha.. ^^
We don't have any special party or anything, just a simple celebration with family.. But you know, I just love being with my family.. And here I wanna say.. "Love you bro!! ^^ Thank you for being the most wonderful brother in the world.. And I do mean it.." =)

OK then.. See you on the next post! ^^

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not-so-sudden Obsession for Pink! + Bourjois Lipstick Review


OK, the title above is so true, when I visited the mall today, I realized that I have a (well, not so) sudden obsession for pink hair accessories. Just like when I was a kid. My eyes go wild when I see those little trinkets here and there, I wanted to buy them all! ^^ But thank goodness I can control myself and just bought these..


Well, it’s not too much, isn’t it?? LOL.. When I was browsing the stuff, people must be thinking I’m buying these for my little sister, hahaha.. They must be surprised if they know that these are for ME! muahahaha.. ^^ (ps: I don’t have a little sister, just Josh, my lil bro, hehe..)

Here are the closer look of them..

bow These bows are my faveee.. It’s pink! ^^

cute These have lace in it, very cute.. ^^

cutee Oh my, they’re too kawaii!! ^^

acc 3 different colors! I love them all.. ^^

me and bow

Here’s the pic of me wearing the bows.. Yes, I just dyed my hair, but it doesn’t really shown in here, huh?? More fotd next after the review! ^^



Bourjois Dr. Glamour Lipstick in Rose requinque no. 17

The descripstion from the website:

“Dr Glamour

The perfect prescription!
Intensive moisturising lipstick.

With Docteur Glamour, the innovative formula contains a triple effect that gets to work as soon as it's applied. Benefit from an intensive moisturizing effect, achieved by blending two moisturizing, ultra-nourishing vegetable oils, mango butter and shea butter, giving you hours of moisture in one application. Smooth and rich, it glides on in an instant. The collection of shades is enriched with reflective pearls and coats your lips in soft and radiant color.”

About the texture, hmm.. the lipstick does feel a bit creamy to me.. It glides on easily on my lips. Really moisturizing, yes.. And the color: I love the color! ^^ It’s the Barbie Pink color that I’ve always wanted, hehe.. =) Here are the close up and swatches:


In reality, it’s a bit paler than this, sorry for the bad lighting.. =P lipp You can see it’s a bit creamy, right? So it’s not matte at all.


Well, I think it’s a very nice lipstick, but it doesn’t really last long enough on me.. I’m not sure, but maybe because it’s so hot these days so my lips tend to get dry faster.. To solve this, I just use lipbalm under it, and it’s good to go! ^^

Will I repurchase again? Yes! But in a different color, of course.. ^^ I want to try something peachy next time.. =)

OK, so this is my FOTD wearing this lipstick, I got a few bumps on my cheeks! =P


And this is the another one, different lighting.. ^^


Oh wait, I want to introduce you there’s the new BFF in the house!  Ms. Froggy and Ms. Bunny, hehe.. ^^ When I was taking the pictures above, I thought that they’d look so cute together! <3


I’ll see you at the next post! ^^

Monday, December 7, 2009

"A Piece of Me” – I’m IN!!! ^^

chocolateShirley from is hosting this game of “A Piece of Me”, and since there are so many bloggers out there playing this game, I decided to join in the fun! ^^ So, the rules are to answer this 5 simple questions and… post it on every 1st Sunday of every month in your blog, sounds like fun, right?? ^^

Here are my answers.. ^^

1. I like: CHOCOLATE!! I’m so into chocolate these days.. I HAVE to eat chocolate every day after my meals, it’s a must-dessert for me.. I don’t care about my diet anymore when I see those tasty choc in the fridge! LOL.. ^^ (Right now we have 2 chocolate bars in there, Delfi Golden Almond Milk Chocolate and Cocoa Belgian Hazelnut.. Yum..) Oh well, it’s all in my genes, actually.. My whole family love chocolate (and ice cream, too!), so I guess that makes sense, hahaha.. ^^

2. I don’t like: that good things are always seem to end so fast! You see, for the last couple days. me and my friends, we were filming a short movie for our campus project, we did a hilarious comedy movie about our college life.. ^^ I really enjoyed the process of making the movie, (btw I was the Camerawoman no. 2!) but why… after the good things and the laughter we’ve been through, it has to come to “The End”?? *literally* I miss making movie again! *sob*

OK, call me a melancholic person, but I do love to be with my friends and cherish the great moment together.. =)

The feeling is like when you’re watching a movie, and you’re sad that it has come to the end of the show.. The movie has a happy ending, but you’re sad cause it’s over.. =(

3. I want you to know: that I have 2 BFF in campus, and we named our trio, “KFC” for Kristin, Frista, and Ceecile.. what do we have in common?? Hmm.. A lot! haha.. ^^ We spend every day in campus together, and we’re so close.. *group hug*

4. I’ve planned: to expand my blog!!! ^^ I’ve been planning to expand this lovely beauty blog to the next level, I want to order a custom layout it and probably (maybe) buy a domain name next year.. Wish me luck, everyone.. ^^ This is a big step for me, and I have to plan this carefully.. I’ll keep you updated! =)

5. I want to say to someone special: "I want to see you soon!! It’s been so long since we last met..” OK, this is getting too personal, haha.. ^^ But since some of you have requested to post something personal about me, I’m gonna share this for you: “When I have a *ehm-ehm* feeling to someone, I’ll be a super shy person! It’s so awkward, I know.. *blushing* I can’t really hide my feelings.. My friends (and especially mom) are really sensitive about this, so that’s why I can’t lie on them, haha.. ^^

Ok then, this is my entry for this month, I’m a new player here, so I invited all of you to join too!  ^^

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty Regime, How I keep my whole body fair.. ^^

Hello everybody!
This is my answer-post for what Aicha has asked me before in cbox, "How do I keep my whole body fair??"

Well, First and foremost, I’m actually very blessed with this fair skin of mine..
You see.. I don’t have much problem with it, it’s not dry, or oily (except for my face!) and it’s always behaving well, thank God.. ^^
I know I haven’t wrote about this before, so I think, why not?? But I do remind you, this is not like any other website told you to do. This is how I keep my whole body fair, just as reference.. ^^

For the basics: (very easy, maybe you all have done this in your daily life..)

1. Cleanse
When I’m showering, I don’t really use beauty body wash and all that, right now I’m using the Biore Body Foam Daily Antiseptic. But if you want to, you can use those whitening body wash. Choose carefully though! ^^
2. Exfoliate
I usually exfoliate with my Shinzui Body Scrub and Yoko Milk Salt, 2-3 times a week. It helps on removing dead cells, and makes my skin smooth..
3. Moisturize
I have many body lotions, but I’m gonna be honest with you, if I don’t have the time to apply it, I’ll skip it and rushing my way to go to campus! I rarely use sunblock on my body (yeah, honestly) because I still haven’t find my HG sunblock. Suggestion, anyone??

OK, you might be wondering, I don’t wear any whitening body wash, exfoliate normally, rarely use any body lotion and sunblock *the horror*, but why, oh why.. My skin still so radiant and fair??

Hmm.. The first and most logical answer would be lying in my genes, hehe..
Since I was little, if I lay out in the sun and got sunburned or tan, my skin would automatically return as usual, fair. Just like a snake skin, it will peeled out and grow a new layer of fair skin in 3 days.. Weird, huh? But that’s the way it is.. I’m not lying..

So, if it’s not from a beauty product or some fancy body lotion, then what it is??

JENG-JENG-JENG.. *sound effect, please..*

Let me introduce you to my “real” beauty regime, pay attention closely! ^^

You see, I’m a such avid tea drinker, I drink 3 types of tea for 3 times of day, everyday..
In the morning, I drink Twining Earl Grey Tea, it has bergamot infused in it, and as you know, bergamot is very good for our body.. It has benefit to treat many bad skin condition such as oily skin, acne, eczema, etc. Since I drink this, I feel improvements in my skin.

In the afternoon, I drink Green Tea, should I say more about the benefits of green tea?? ^^ It can help you detoxify all the toxic in your body, and maintain your healthy and younger look, of course cause it’s anti oxidant.. And.. it’s a natural sunscreen! ^^

In the evening, I drink Rosella Tea, very very good for your body and skin..
I took it from “Each 100 g contains 260-280 mg of vitamin C, vitamin D, B1 and B2. Vitamin C 3 times, black grapes, 9 times as much citrus, 10 times bigger than star fruit and fruit 2.5 times higher than vitamin C in guava (kelutuk). Also Rosella Tea contains high CALCIUM (486 mg / 100 g), Magnesium and Omega 3. Rosella tea is also enriched Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium, Beta Caroten & Acid Essential”

Sounds really amazing, right?? My mom discovered this tea just about 4 months ago, and we’ve been drinking this Rosella tea ever since, also you know what?? It’s good for your diet, too! My mom lost almost 20 pounds since drinking this for 4 months! ^^ WOW!

Maybe you’re wondering, so this is your “real” beauty regime??? Uh-huh! ^^ Let me tell you something, if you want radiant and glowy skin, don’t rely too much on that fancy and expensive beauty products.. Really-really.. I’m telling you this based on my experience.. Beauty products are only the helping tools from the outside.. You mustn’t become "too" dependent on them.. It doesn't mean that I'm telling you to skip your sunscreen, nah..

But, let me tell you this.. Health and beauty really go side by side.. ^^ But since you’re asking me how I keep my whole body fair, let me share my secret recipes (well, not so secret anymore, hehe.. ): this is for you, Aicha! and for all my readers.. ^^

Number 1. Use a toner to wipe your skin before going to bed. It helps to remove dead skin cells off. And it’ll make your skin fresher and smoother! Use a mild toner, with no alcohol content.. It works like a makeup remover to your skin’s body.. Use this even after your night bath. Jeanjean from also use this way..

Number 2. I bring baby wipes everywhere I go, it works wonders! ^^ To prevent my skin from getting dull because of dirt, smoke, or bad air outdoor during the day, I use baby wipes to cleanse my skin, it can remove all the dirt and that dullness from my skin. Right now I’m using Cussons Baby Natural Care Thick Wipes with Almond Oil, Alcohol Free, the one with the pink! package, hehe.. (always a pink-lover.. ^^) Baby wipes are mild enough for your skin, and also it has almond oil in it, very good for your skin.. Very moisturizing.. ^^

You see?? It’s easy, right?? No expensive beauty products.. Just easy tips and tricks to help you getting your fair, glowing, and radiant skin.. If you want to ask me anything or request a post about any topic, just write a comment here! I’ll be happy to hear your feedback! ^^ I’ll see you at the next post! ^^

Monday, November 30, 2009

My 1st Giveaway!! YAY!! ^^

It's my 1st giveaway, yay! ^^ I'm doing this giveaway to show my deep appreciation to all my followers, readers, and fellow bloggers.. Thank you all so much!!!
I'm so excited about it, I have prepared it for a month here.. and since it's near Christmas already, there will be 2 prizes! One is for the 100th+ follower giveaway, and number two is for the Special Christmas Giveaway!
First is this,
left-right: (all of them are brand new)
PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) Martha Tilaar Powder Eye Shadow
Mustika Ratu Oxygenated Spray with Green Tea
Garnier Light Visible Whitening Face Powder
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Scrub
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Lotion
Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation
Biore Pore Pack in Sakura and Green Tea
The Body Shop Seaweed Day Cream samples

Here is the closer look for the prizes.. I've said that there will be Indonesian brand makeup and skincare, so here they are.. I hope you all will like it! ^^
PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) Martha Tilaar Powder Eye Shadow
Very shimmery.. Love the combination of the colors... ^^

Mustika Ratu Oxygenated Spray with Green Tea
I've used this since years ago, and I love it! It's one of my HG facial spray,
anti pollution and hydrating for the skin.. ^^
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Scrub
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Lotion
And this one is new! I tested their samples in the counter, and I thought, WOW.. the smell is so wonderful! (I love Rose..^^) I decided to give these 2 away cause I think it'll be a great prize for the winner! ^^

and these are the little trinkets, hehe.. ^^
Hope you like them!

The rules:
1. Open for anyone who reads my blog!
2. Open internationally
3. Real address, OK? I want to make sure it'll arrive safely..
4. The winner will be drawn using
5. Giveaway will end on Dec 25th 24.00 AM sharp in Indonesian time, of course.. I'll make the announcement via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, too.. You won't miss it! ^^

How to Enter:
1. You have to be a follower..
2. Leave a comment here about what do you like about me and my blog.. (or whatever you'd like to say.. Help me to improve my blog, please! ^^)
3. Spread the word in your blog or Facebook or Twitter about this giveaway, and you'll get double entry! Who knows you'll get lucky! ^^


OK, till this part, you might be wondering, I said before as in my AB (Announcement Board) that this will also be my Special Christmas Giveaway, so where is the another prize, eh??
Haha.. Don't worry, cause I'll be Mrs. Santa Claus this year! There'll be another winner, but I won't show you the prize now, cause it's a surprise.. ^^ (If I show it to you now, where's the thrill, right??)
It'll be just like a kid waiting for Santa to come and give him a Christmas present! That's why I call this Special Christmas Giveaway.. ^^ (Ooohh... I can feel a huge curiosity there..hehe..)

I'll show you the second prize precisely on Christmas Day, and that means you won't see the price until the deadline, so be a good girl, OK??? ^^

Spread the word, spread the word..
*Santa Claus is coming.. to town..*

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hallo everybody!! ^^ How are you??
I bet you all are so stuffed with turkey right now.. hehe.. ^^

Well, we don't exactly celebrate Thanksgiving here in Indonesia, but I really love Thanksgiving day, because it teaches you to be thankful and grateful for everything.. And of course, the turkey, haha.. ^^

I'm still in Jakarta right now.. tomorrow we'll go to Dufan (the amusement park here in Jakarta..^^) to have some fun in this long weekend.. I still can't post beauty related post, yet.. But don't worry, I'll be hosting my very 1st giveaway soon!! ^^ Don't forget to participate ya!! ^^

I'm planning to buy some of the good stuff here for my grand giveaway, and for the sneak peek, I'll include some of our own, Indonesian makeup and skincare product! Can't wait to round it up! ^^

Oh well then, now I have to get hurry and take a bath soon, cause we're going out to the mall.. Shopping day!! haha.. ^^

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

I am thankful for.. So many blessings God has given to me, and for my dear family and friends..
I love you all!!
And for my blogger friends..
My best wishes and prayer for all of you..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Body Shop Moisture White Softening Essence Review.. ^^

Hello everyone.. How's your weekend??
Me, well.. I'm staying home for this weekend, but worry not, cause for the next weekend I'm going to Jakarta to see my relatives coming from Australia, yay! ^^
My uncle (my mom's bro), his wife, and my 2 cousins is coming to Indonesia this November, so next weekend I'm gonna meet up with them after 10 years not seeing each other! It's such a long time..
Gosh, I can't wait till next weekend, hehe.. ^^

And now, as promised, I will review the beauty product from my recent haul. So here is the lucky number one!
The Body Shop Moisture White Softening Essence
with vitamin C and liquorice extract,
150 ml 5.0 US FL OZ
The description
The Ingredients
It's made in Hungary
The texture
As you can see, it's a transparent gel form lotion that is so light and will absorb to your skin, making it so smooth when you touch it. This is one pump-size, more than enough for my whole face! ^^

How to use it:
I read in Jeanjean's blog, here, that the right way to use facial essence is to pat (tepuk2) it lightly to your face (no slapping, please, hehe..). And not just patting it, but you have to COUNT it. Yeah, you read correctly. You have to count how many times you've patted the essence to your face.
OK then, the answer is, how many?

Ehm.. at least 30 (thirty) times for your cheeks, pat it using your both hands.
And.. here's the strange number.. 17 (seventeen) times for your forehead and chin..
It will make the essence absorbs better to your skin, and will not make your face oily.. (hooo.. so that's why..) Jeanjean wrote that she knew it from the Nu Er Wo Zui Da show..I must have missed that episode, so I'm spreading the words to you all, cause I think we should try this! So girls, go practice it at home, haha.. ^^

I have to tell you something about this essence, you have to let it dry first. You can test if it's dry or not by using the back of your hands. After it's absorbed by your skin, it shouldn't take too long, just 3 minutes for me.. Then you can moisturize and do your makeup.
What I like about this essence is that it's a nice primer for my makeup. My face has become less duller since I use this. (I'm so obsessed with whitening essence right now! ^^) My L'oreal White Perfect Essence is almost empty cause I'm using it every day and night, so I'm trying this! ^^ Oh my.. A girl's quest for a perfect beauty product will never end.. *sighing happily* ^^
But by the way, what's your favorite whitening essence?? (if you're using any)
Do let me know here in your comment! =)

OK then, for the next post I'm gonna review maybe 2-3 products altogether..
Because next Thursday I'll be going to Jakarta for a family reunion, and.. some beauty shopping, lol.. It's gonna be huge!! (the reunion or the beauty shopping?? Both, of course!!)

ps: my giveaway detail is still on hold.. I'm still preparing it..Be patience, ladies.. ^^

Happy Weekend, everyone!!